Scenic and Props

Props made for Anna Yates
Rusalka - Dots Day Royal Opera House 2023

The Richard Burtan Theatre Company (RWCMD)
December 2020

Productions: In the Blood, The Moors, Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act, Yen 

Scenic artists: Aidan Biddiscombe, Alina Soare, Bethan Wall, Fenna De Jonge, Mollie Cheek, Ning Xian, Ola Klos, Ruxin Lyu, Xiaoyuan Hou

In the Blood
Design: Josie Bellerby

                                    Photo Josie Bellerby
Liberty crown
Base, burger, pizza, cup sourced and painted.
Chips - foam, latex, altered box.
Milkshake vac form, insulation foam, painted

Crown of needles
Sourced syringes
Needles, painted acrylic rods
Vinyl base

Above: wooden structure painted with idenden and graphite mix.

Right: rust details with Rosco paints.

Above: texture made with idenden, emulsion and Rosco paints.

Left: wooden cross.

The Moors  
Design: Joseph Loftin

Emulsion paints layered on wooden board with brushes

Plaster, pva, indenden mix for texture.
Gradient rosco paints

Detail shot of wall texture

Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act 
Design: Liv Jones

Wall texture, plaster, pva, idenden

Painted with pva and emulsion,
treated with heat gun

Floorboards, idenen and paint applied and textured with a wood grainer

Photos - Fenna De Jonge

Design: Hannah Drumm

Concrete for platform edges
Plaster texture
Painted with washes and dry brushing

Vinyl floor
Painted with primer then rosco painted applied with sponges, washed and sanded back

Plaster texture
Painted with washes and dry brushing

Prop making for a professional theatre company

Breast for part of a wall of votives
Vac-form base painted with acrylics

Mortadella prop - sourced base, filler, and painted with acrylics